Using existing customer images, we build 3D models, 3D print them and color 3D printed figurine


After strolled in California, we browsed at the sculpture exhibitions and fairs here, the statues are produced at a very high cost when ordered for an individual.
With the desire that everyone can own their own personal statue at a reasonable price. After researching in Cali, we brought back to Vietnam a completely new statue production technology. With the aim that anyone can make a statue the way they want without spending too much money, from there, Aloha 3D statue was born.


Customers coming to us will be consulted carefully, sample images will be selected by customers. Artists will build 3D models to frame the statue, then the print file will be exported and processed to color the statue. Finished painted statues will be thoroughly checked for perfection. The final step will be the process of packaging and bringing the product to the customer.

Picture from our customer

Clients will submit us example photos, which must adhere to the requirements for angles. The details on the photo need to be clear, that ALOHA’s artisans will rely on it to create meaningful gifts for customers. We can make all the details according to the customer’s requirements, such as accessories, clothes, shoes, surrounding miniatures.

3D Modeling

The 3D modeling process for the character will be done by the artists. Their task is to convey the character’s mood through details such as poses, facial expressions. It can also be a bit more complicated if the customer requires background or mini scene for statue. When working together, we always want to bring customers the most complete product, so from the first stage, the 3D artist model will perform extremely detailed characteristics of the statue. Our artists always enjoy and immerse in every moment of the project.

Using 3D printing to make statues

After the 3D model is created, we will send the demo images to the customer and get the first feedback. From the customer’s feedback, the statues will be 3D printed using modern technology for modeling, ensuring the sophistication and specification of facial features.

The coloring procedure

ALOHA 3D has professionals to monitor quality at every stage of the product-making process. The coloring process plays a very important role in the process of creating the statues. From rough prints, colorists with extensive experience will complete the finished product with color brushes, accompanied by meticulousness, ingenuity, and attention to the smallest detail. The multicolored statues were created and sent to consumers. The ALOHA 3D workforce strives to deliver high-quality, vibrant bespoke items at all times.


Primary PLA plastic is used for the production process, taken from renewable materials such as corn starch, cassava roots, sugarcane, potato starch….this is a type of plastic specializing in the production of household appliances and household items ensuring safety for human health. This resin is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, odorless and has a high color retention, so the parts on the statue will also be alive.


Different from simple presents, personal ones will have more special value. The person receiving the present will undoubtedly be able to view the giver’s entire heart and emotions as well. However, this is a work of immense value in addition to being a basic product.


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