Our character art team design these 3D video game characters for the BOOM MAX – A mobile PVP strategy by WEHA GROUP


BOOM MAX is a cross-platform 3D tactical bomb production project. Based on the customer’s available descriptions, we build and jointly guide the in-game art style, map and item design.


Artists always express their interest in the process of making 3D characters through their work. The 3D artist delved further into the character than the client’s first description before beginning to work on it.
Sketches with the most basic lines was created so that the artist can have a specific picture of the character. We had a thorough discussion with the client about the art style for the game, map and item design. Through the exchange process, we choosed the style for the character accordingly. The 2D sketch has been created along with the basic characteristics of the character.
Next, the graphic designer proceed to carve the larger details, build the 2D draft, and then the 3D rendering process was done. To the smaller details, the artists performed detailed rendering steps, then add the character’s own characteristics and nuances. These activities performed based on the reference sources, the preview images will suggest the correct shape and tone.


The constrained screen space presents the main difficulty in UI design for mobile games. As a result, the UI must be created to display only the player data that is pertinent at the time. This indicates that we must distinguish between what is desirable to have and what is necessary, putting our attention on the latter. More difficult than UI design for non-game apps, UI design for mobile games. Unlike most non-game apps, speed of usage is crucial in games since the player needs to be able to utilize it quickly without being too distracted from the action. It doesn’t matter how fantastic a game’s mechanics are if the control buttons are too small, the player can’t reach them, or the text type is difficult to see. Fine-tuning a mobile game’s user interface may be a delicate balancing act that can affect a lot of the player’s experience.
As the player can only use one thumb and the top-left corner of the screen is difficult to reach, portrait-oriented games are the most challenging. This is considered in good UI design, and this restriction is worked around. For instance, a game with a nice user interface wouldn’t put buttons that need to be rapidly accessed at the top-left corner when it was in portrait mode. Therefore, there would be no problem with a settings button that is rarely used.


Begining with the future world, at this time the Earth is exhausted and depleted of resources by nuclear wars and environmental pollution. Humanity is forced to make a survival decision: Build a new life on another planet or end life on earth. The largest space migration campaign in human history has been carried out through thousands of spaceships. Including the spaceship of mischievous, brave children including: Tony, Alice, Lily, Tom, Max.
During the move to another planet, Tony suggested to his friends to leave the crew and explore the new planet on their own.
A multiverse world full of challenges and dangers awaits the kids. In the space, there are not only children also dictatorial forces: Thorn – the invader and sucks up the resources and life in the universe. What will the little friends have to do to survive and confront Thorn?

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