Complete one of the following test tasks to apply for the position of a 3D artist in ALOHA 3D Studio. We are always looking for new talents!

Note that we do not pay for the test task, but we also don’t use it anywhere. The result of the task entirely belongs to the artist, so feel free to use it whenever you want, including displaying it in your portfolio. The number of attempts as well as the test tasks is not limited. Feel like taking on all of them? – Go ahead! How to submit the test task:

  • Send the test results to as a PNG image;
  • Put the full name of the test and your name, e.g. “Test – Casual Character – John Smith” or “Test #2 – Casual Character – John Smith” if this isn’t your first attempt;
  • Very important: add a link to your portfolio on Artstation, Behance, or any other platform;
  • Let us know the time (hours) you’d spent on the test;
  • Optional: attach work-in-progress images of the sketch and the other phases of work;

Good luck!