Our character art team design these 3D character and asset for film


Alien is a well-known character at the first time in 1979 and the most recognizable character with the name Alien is the alien creatures, also known as Xenomorphs parasites. The characters are described as monsters with giant heads, no eyes, large fangs and glossy black skin.
This is the type of character that makes viewers look at the feeling of horror, fear, so we have prepared carefully from the first steps.

3D Modeling

The character model is the process of developing the geometric surface representation of any object in a specialized 3D software like Maya or 3DS Max. According to the context of the drawing and the size that is accessible, people who generate the image will start to build a character based on the 2D sketch and use 3D software to create a character model. Instead of being fully tall and slender like the standard Alien model, the alien in this project has a muscular body.

Texturing Process

The character model creation process will be followed by the texturing stage, which involves giving the character and context specific colors. If the development of the fundamental physical model is taken into account, the material is a stage of realistic reproduction, aesthetic talent, and the capacity to update – utilize new materials.

The stage of reproducing actual illumination

Setting up the light so that the model has true is one of the extremely important factors. This is a complicated step and holds attention, depending on the requirements of the context or the peculiarity of so that the artist will choose different materials to bring the best effects.


As you probably know, in ALOHA 3D Studio we consider ourselves to be more than just a third-party studio, but a development partner. This indicates that we do give consideration to the project budget and keep cost-efficiency in mind. Creating high-quality content is of course one of our top goals, but this is also one of them. Therefore, if everything goes smooth and we hone the workflow to the state of routine, it sometimes becomes possible to further reduce the considered amount of time spent on each asset.
Another point of concern is to consider using a larger canvas to ensure that there is a “margin of safety” in case the developer has to enlarge the icon to show it to the player as a reward. In order to provide the source file a larger canvas once the project is finished, we typically create it in a size that is x2 or even x3 larger than the in-game size.
The outcome we were able to produce while working on this particular issue, which you can see above, was made possible in large part by our dearest partners’ all-around assistance and the ongoing improvement of our game art workflow. We are glad to have finished this project and proud of our capacity to provide our partner with hundreds of highly realistic characters.

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