Our character art team design these 6 video game characters for RLM Team.


Creating 3D video game characters is a journey, where the artist can show his love for work, while also ensuring the process and progress of the work. When approaching the character, the artist will go a little deeper than the initial brief description. Creating a game character is about conveying the character’s personality, posture, emotions, and mood.
It all begins with the idea, which is sketched through in the simplest of lines based on the customer’s description. We will have meetings to have a clear direction on the art style for the game, items, … Through the exchange process, we will consider the age range of the players, then choosing the right style for the character. This is an important step that cannot be skipped. Next, the artist will proceed to carve larger details to build a 2D draft, then the 3D rendering process will be done on Blender. To the smaller details, the artists will perform detailed rendering steps, then add the character’s own characteristics and nuances.
These activities will be performed based on the reference sources, the preview images will suggest the correct shape and tone. The correct source of references is key to the game’s art, which is an issue that needs attention. Since our CG art team tends to take a meticulous approach, we try to use the respective exact references to convey the target pose, clothing (small details including belts, lanyards, hats, accessories etc.) and especially emphasize the facial contours of the character.
Sometimes, the task implies creating a pack of poses with corresponding emotions for the same character. Whether it is a concept art or a full-fledged character game, we’d take great care when approaching such a quest. As a first step, a black-and-white sketch using basic black and white lines will be created so we won’t have any problems adjusting it after receiving our partner game developer’s feedback. Once the sketch is approved, we move on to the coloring and rendering phase.
It can also be more complicated if the project requires our team to render a scene or a piece of art. That’s where composition comes into play. We had to convey the climactic mood of the scene onto the characters’ details presented in appropriate and expressive poses. Imagine the Medusa with snake hair and the ability to petrify anyone who dares to look at it will make you feel shivers; or heroic characters who stand for justice will make you feel majestic and talented. It must convey a sense of power and show the strength of the character. At the same time, the whole scene must also show the mystery and confidence of the character.
When it comes to the image of heroes, there will be aspects that highlight the individual personality of the character, be it a special weapon, or a distinct physical trait, which stands out from the game characters of the same type. Usually it will be individual accessories, eye-catching weapons and a feature that makes all the difference.
Working on 3D video game characters for a particular project, we have a common goal of achieving high visual quality, conveying the character’s personality, and ensuring that resulting design adheres to the targeted style. Our artists have enjoyed every moment of this remarkable project and were overjoyed when the partner announced that they had accepted the art. The custom-tailored character art of the high quality that you can see on the images above was possible to achieve only thanks to the common effort of our character artists, project managers, art director, and the team of our dearest partner.
Designing 3D video game characters was one incredible journey that has driven us to grow as artists, master our skills, and most importantly, make us feel valued when a job is well done in the end. This has been a challenging adventure and the result is something we are proud of.

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